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Empathy brings peace!

One day, I found a facebook page that posts ironic jokes every day. After that, I read machine translation and laughed every day. Even if we don't understand the words, we can empathize like this! I thought it was a great discovery. 

Unfortunately, even if the relations between countries deteriorate, if they are connected by empathy, they will not hate the people of that country. Empathy brings peace!

I can't use very difficult English. I am writing this using machine translation. So I decided to make some books with some simple words attached to the pictures.

Please read them.

Growing up in Japan 1【Empathy brings peace!】

Kindle edition (English)
by Toshimitsu Togashi  (Autor)
This book is a compilation of 45 photos of our daughter when she was a baby. I think that feelings toward children can often be sympathized with. If my daughter's picture leads to world peace, there would be nothing wonderful like this for me.

1. Menu just before becoming a mama  2. Our daughter was born.  3. The card  4. Boxing  5. Bathing  6. Child seat  7. Drinking milk  8. First shrine visit  9. Grow big!  10. Don’t cry!  11. Grip  12. Itch!  13. Gloves  14. Weaning ceremony  15. Ginzan Onsen  16. Worship  17. In the box  18. Doll’s Festival  19. Commemorative photo  20. Teeth  21. Laptop computer  22.Friend  23. Car  24. Face  25. Cousins  26. Noodle  27. Statue  28. Can of milk powder  29. Bikini  30. Big fountain  31. Eat? Or sleep?  32. Birthday  33. Sleep together  34. Anpanman  35. Caught in the net.  36. Do you intend to help?  37. Brushing  38. Ball pool  39. Don't eat!  40. Christmas tree  41. Christmas present  42. Barber  43. Shrine  44. Sled  45. Hair clip


Growing up in Japan 2【Empathy brings peace!】

Kindle edition (English)
by Toshimitsu Togashi  (Autor)
This book is a compilation of 45 photos of our daughters when they were babies. I think that feelings toward children can often be sympathized with. If my daughter's picture leads to world peace, there would be nothing wonderful like this for me.

1. The card 2. Are you smiling? 3. Visit at the maternity hospital 4. Tired 5. Mama's name 6. Bathing 7. Sushi 8. Bitter smile 9. Grow big! 10. Be a beauty! 11. Help me! 12. First shrine visit 13. Doll’s Festival 14. Does this cap look good? 15. Synchronized sleeping 16. Shonai Jinja (shrine) 17. Kajo Park 18. Shiromizu River 19. Hanasaka Jiisan 20. Kakunodate 21. Hirosaki 22. Einstein 23. Statue 24. Cassette tape 25. Crawling forward 26. Laundry basket 27. Cucumber 28. Big head 29. Summer class 30. Fireworks display 31. Watermelon 32. Sea 33. MIHO's birthday party 34. Birthday cake 35. Grandpa's birthday 36. Boxing? 37. Kataguruma 38. Akkambe 39. Wrestling? 40. Yukata 41. Sleeping side by side 42. Eating side by side 43. Anpanman 44. Album 45. Touring


Dibuja mis sentimientos【Edición en español】

Pinturas japonesas (Omoiwoegaku) Edición Kindle
por Kuniko Kikuchi (Autor), Toshimitsu Togashi  (Autor)
Este libro es una colección de Nihonga de Kuniko Kikuchi. Nihonga es un tipo de pintura japonesa. La imagen se dibuja pegando el pigmento con pegamento. Los pigmentos incluyen pigmentos minerales, materiales colorantes de animales o plantas y otros pigmentos naturales. A veces usa pan de oro.

Ella representa la naturaleza japonesa, como montañas, bosques, ríos, cascadas, mares, flores y más. Sus palabras fueron agregadas a las imágenes(Usé traducción automática).


Desenhe meus sentimentos【Versão em português】

pinturas japonesas (Omoiwoegaku) eBook Kindle
por Kuniko Kikuchi (Autor), Toshimitsu Togashi  (Autor)
Este livro é uma coleção de Nihonga de Kuniko Kikuchi. Nihonga é um tipo de pintura japonesa. As imagens de Nihonga são desenhadas colando o pigmento com uma cola de animal. Os pigmentos incluem pigmentos minerais, materiais de coloração de animais ou plantas e outros pigmentos naturais. Às vezes, use folha de ouro.

Ela descreve a natureza japonesa, como montanhas, florestas, rios, cachoeiras, mares, flores e muito mais. Suas palavras foram adicionadas às fotos (tradução auxiliada por computador usada).


Draw my feelings【ENGLISH EDITION】

Japanese paintings (Omoiwoegaku) Kindle edition
by Kuniko Kikuchi (Author), Toshimitsu Togashi  (Author), Miho Togashi (Translator)
This book is a collection of Nihonga by Kuniko Kikuchi. Nihonga is a type of Japanese painting. Nihonga pictures are drawn by gluing the pigment with an animal glue. Pigments include mineral pigments, animal or plant coloring materials, and other natural pigments. Sometimes use gold leaf.

She depicts Japanese nature, such as mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls, seas, flowers, and more. Her words were added to pictures (computer aided translation used).

You can see these paintings!

#1 Spring in full bloom
This is Edohigan in Mt.Maizuru (Tendo city Yamagata Pref.). It took two years to sketch. It expressed the heyday of Edohigan.
#3 Spring in Kurazu River
I expressed the overall appearance of the Kurazu River and the beauty of the weeping cherry trees.

#4 Flower curtain
The weeping cherry trees along Kurazu River. I wanted to express natural shape as possible. I wondered how to complete it to the last.
#5 New starts
This is the stone steps in Mt.Haguro (Tsuruoka city Yamagata Pref.). A young couple who has prayed is returning with new hope.
#6 Spring in Haguro
The five-storied pagoda and old cedars in Mt.Haguro. The young buds of the right trees were contrasted with the old bark of the left trees.
#7 Stone steps in Haguro
This is the stone steps in Mt.Haguro. I tried to draw each stone with the feeling of many people who went along the stone steps.
#8 Five-storied pagoda
The five-storied pagoda was built about 600 years ago.
I expressed the majesty of the years and the beauty surrounded by old cedars.
#9 Sekiyama big waterfall
Sekiyama big waterfall is in Higashine city Ymagata Pref. I desired to draw a waterfall without knowing the difficulty of painting water. I was instructed, "The teacher is nature, you can learn on the spot."
#10 White stream pattern
Nametsu big waterfall in Shichikashuku (Miyagi Pref.). For underpainting, I used dyed mud pigment which was red. The waterfall turned red and I had a hard time. Expressed various water flows.
#11 Lucky waterfall
It is Fudou waterfall in Shimokurokawa(Sakata city Yamagata Pref.). It is also said Lucky waterfall. It looked like a lot of Jizo reciting a sutra.
#12 Akiu big waterfall
Akiu big waterfall is in Sendai city Miyagi Pref. There was a lot of melting water in early spring. Every time I saw it, the flow changed. It was very difficult to draw.
#13 Spring in the west Zao Ⅰ
Mt.Zao is in Yamagata Pref. When I went to see the Oyama cherry blossoms, the west Zao's remaining snow was beautiful.It was difficult to color the beech forest in the middle of the picture.
#14 White mountain Ryuzan
Mt.Ryuzan is in Yamagata Pref. I love the view of the fresh snow mountain. The trees look like chick feathers.
#15 Ou mountains in sunny day
I had always wanted to draw winter mountains. One day, the ridgeline of Ou mountains was very beautiful, so I immediately drew this picture.

#16 The north side of Mount Omoshiro
In mid-March, I drove for the white peak of Mt.Omoshiro. I was able to find a beautiful cedar forest.
#17 Spring in the west Zao Ⅱ
I painted the sky with gold mud. The colors worked in harmony.
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#4 Flower curtain
The weeping cherry trees along Kurazu River. I wanted to express natural shape as possible. I wondered how to complete it to the last.

The list of published works
You can find the location on Google Maps.

#1. Spring in full bloom Mt.Maizuru Tendo city Yamagata Pref.
#2. Graceful Kurazu river Tendo city Yamagata Pref.
#3. Spring in Kurazu River same as above
#4. Flower curtain  same as above
#5. New starts Mt.Haguro Tsuruoka city Yamagata Pref.
#6. Spring in Haguro same as above
#7. Stone steps in Haguro same as above
#8. Five-storied pagoda  same as above
#9. Sekiyama big waterfall Higashine city Yamagata Pref.
#10. White stream pattern Shichikashuku Miyagi Pref.
#11. Lucky waterfall Sakata city Yamagata Pref.
#12. Akiu big waterfall
Sendai city Miyagi Pref.
#13. Spring in the west Zao Ⅰ pasture Mt.Zao Yamagata Pref.
#14. White mountain Ryuzan Uwanodai Mt.Zao Yamagata Pref.
#15. Ou mountains in sunny day Ou Mountains Yamagata Pref.
#16. The north side of Mount Omoshiro
Higashine city Yamagata Pref.
#17. Spring in the west Zao Ⅱ 
pasture Mt.Zao Yamagata Pref.
#18. Tell the old days Tendo city Yamagata Pref.
#19. Sunbeams in autumn Mt.Gassan Tsuruoka city Yamagata Pref.
#20. Autumn fog same as above
#21. Ooyodo Murayama city Yamagata Pref.
#22. Mogami River Flow Sakata city Yamagata Pref.
#23. Fukuura Yuza town Yamagata Pref.
#24. Japanese garden
New Zealand
#25. Orchid cactus

#26. Cactus
#27. Schlumbergera
#28. Caladium
#29. Zinnia
#30. Oath of non-war
#31. Chinese violet cress
#32. Roses
#33. Gloria

#34. Clematis
#35. Kaneyama cedar  Kaneyama town Yamagata Pref.
#36. Zinnia
#37. White wave
Tsuruoka city Yamagata Pref.
#38. Weeping cherry
Kurazu river Tendo city Yamagata Pref.
#39. Spring Tendo city Yamagata Pref.
#40. Dokko marsh
Mt.Zao Yamagata Pref.
#41. Cherry blossoms
Tendo city Yamagata Pref.
#42. Gerbera

#43. Zinnia
#44. Autumn
#45. Chestnut
#46. Autumn leaves
#47. Mt. Haguro
Tsuruoka city Yamagata Pref.
#48. Rowan
#49. Sasanqua
#50. Ginzan Obanazawa city Yamagata Pref.
#51. Guilin China
#52. Sacre Coeur Basilica France
#53. Chestnut
#54. Tateyama in autumn
Tateyama mountain range Toyama Pref.
#55. Kurobe Gorge
Kurobe Gorge Toyama Pref.
#56. Jindai cedar Tozawa village Yamagata Pref.
#57. Ou mountains in sunny day Ⅱ Yamagata Pref.
#58. Fairy street
Tendo city Yamagata Pref.
#3. Spring in Kurazu River same as above

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